• Posted on: 28 March 2019
  • By: thailandladygol...

The system of education in Thailand's international schools is one to reckon with. Students are guaranteed of excellent academic performance once they enroll in any of the schools. The number of students joining international schools, Thailand every year is on a high because they are aware of the exclusive benefits they stand to gain. Some of which includes:

•    Lesser number of students to teacher proportion
In international schools, Thailand, a few number of students are allowed to be in a particular class which usually range from 20-25 students per class. This means that there is a lesser number of students apportioned to a class teacher and this helps to ensure that each student is given the adequate attention that they deserve to achieve academic success. The teacher would be able to quickly notice any academic faults in any of the students and find a solution to it.

•    Critical and independent thinking
The focus of international schools, Thailand is to ensure that students can think critically and solve problems individually. This ensures the students have a good chance of securing career opportunities and an enrolment for a further degree because of their critical thinking abilities.

•    Wide-ranging curriculum
International schools, Thailand are known for incorporating a balance between academics and extra-curricular activities. They take importantly into consideration extra-curricular activities as every student is mandated to be involved in one activity or the other outside classroom functions. These activities include field trips, excursions, community services, debates and other various forms of competitions. This helps to ensure students are better exposed to whatever they are being taught in the classroom. 

•    Proficiency in communication and language
This is an essential skill that must be acquired by students and International schools; Thailand is aware of this. Students are taught how to have a good command of their language and how to communicate with one another effectively. They prepare students with an international syllabus that ensures their language skills are improved progressively. Also, knowledge from the international syllabus guarantees the students a unique opportunity for admission into any international college for further studies.

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