Liposuction in Bangkok – The Complete Procedure

  • Posted on: 8 January 2021
  • By: thailandladygol...

If you’re unsatisfied with the way your body looks, and are aiming to get a more proportional figure, liposuction is the perfect solution. Additionally, getting a liposuction in Bangkok is the best option for you, as well.
Bangkok, Thailand, is hailed as one of the most popular and most sought after destinations for medical tourism. With top notch facilities, and prices that are easy on the pocket, who wouldn’t want to benefit from what the country has to offer?

Why Get a Liposuction?
Many people spend years struggling with weight-related issues. Liposuction helps attack the fat you think is impossible to shed off from exercise and diet. In a matter of hours, this surgery can effectively remove stubborn fat and smooth out the bulging areas of your body.
A hollow pen-like instrument, called a vacuum suction cannula, removes fat from under the skin. Or, the fat is broken into smaller pieces using an ultrasonic probe, which is then removed with suction. 

Even though the procedure is mainly used for cosmetic body shaping, fat tumors like lipomas are removed using this method. People with gynecomastia (unusually enlarged breasts in males) or females who are uncomfortable with their breast size, may also get a liposuction for breast reduction. 

Preparing for a Liposuction 
Before the procedure, ask your surgeon to explain exactly how the surgery will go. They will ask for your medical history, medical conditions, and medicines, herbs, or supplements you might be taking. If NSAIDs or blood thinners are on your list, or any other substances that may cause the surgery to be unsuccessful, your doctor will ask you to stop taking them 3 weeks before the surgery. Additionally, tests will be conducted prior to it, to confirm that the surgery will cause you no unforeseen harm.

Furthermore, if you require only a small surgery, it will be conducted in a compact office setting. However, if you plan to have a large amount of fat removed, or plan on getting additional procedures, the surgery will be conducted in a hospital- and you might be asked to stay overnight. 
In any case, it’s best if you have someone to stay with you during and after the procedure.