A Guide to International School Open Days

  • Posted on: 8 May 2019
  • By: thailandladygol...

You are up for your next assignment, your next adventure in another beautiful and culturally diverse country. You are looking forward to begin this adventure. Someone else isn’t though, and it worries you.
Moving to a new country means that your child will have to leave an established routine to start fresh. This means learning a new culture and most important, schooling. As a parent, you have to think about what type of school your child will attend is of utmost importance to you. 
Here’s what you need to look for when you get around to taking those school visits.

1.    The school environment.
Your only interaction with the school thus far has been with photos on the internet, a phone call to administration staff to set up a visit, or if you dug hard enough, an online forum of past and present students.
When you finally get to visit the campus, check that all the amenities you saw in the photos are as gleamy and well taken care of as was depicted in the photos. You may also need to check how big the campus is and whether the amenities are up to your standards.

2.    Amenities.
Aside from the curriculum and teaching staff, the amenities of a school will indicate to you the quality of education your child will obtain at the school. Amenities like libraries and laboratories, computer and sciences, are a must have in todays’ world.
If your child is interested in particular extra-curricular activities such as music, dance, theater or swimming, take a walk around the school and check out the facilities for yourself.

3.    Curriculum.
If you are just starting up in this new life of an expat, diplomat or international businessperson, you will be worried what kind of education will your child be receiving. The good thing is, there are a number of international curricula that your child can enroll in. These are convenient for your child. In case you need to move again, they will simply transfer credits and pick up from where they left off.

There are three popular types of international curricula that you will encounter at an international school in Bangkok. These are the international Baccalaureate, Cambridge and Edexcel. There are some that offer the national curriculums of America, Germany, China among others.

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